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Yirmi was established in 2009 in Denizli as a yarn trading company.

Since its first day our company has been advancing in its field, it has been known for its quality in service and products.

In line with our customers demand we are continuously improving and updating our product range.

We have established strong relations with both domestic and international suppliers; this enables us to serve our customers with efficiency.

We are glad to announce that last five years has been a true success story for our company.

Our vision is to be a strong company, a source of trust and happiness.

Our mission is to supply our customers in textile industry the raw materials they need in the best timing, quality and price, with various available options.

We want to be more than just a part in our customers supply chain, we want to assist them to make a difference in their own product and services.

Main values

To serve our customers in the best possible way.

Continuous improvement in our services and products.

To create a healthy and satisfactory working environment for our team players.